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Week 1 – Information Graphics – Welcome

This is the first post to the Information Graphics Spring 2012 course being taught at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. My name is Nathan Fleischmann and I will be moderating a blog that the class is expected to take an active participation role in. More visual elements will come as the course progresses.

This course uses a multi module approach with guest lecturers. James Bennett will be joining us for the first couple of weeks. They will use Adobe Connect to do most of their lectures.

Our TA’s for the lab portion are Christina and Rachel.

Students are expected to use an RSS reader to subscribe to and follow some of the major infographics blogs such as: Flowing DataInformation Is Beautiful, and Junk Charts.

The textbook for this course is The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics by Dona M. Wong

What are graphics?

  • Data orgainzed visually
  • Infomation art
  • Telling a story with data
  • Visual presentation of data.

Graphics are a clever combination of words and images
that convey meaning better than either could do alone.

For questions please contact me, Nathan Fleischmann, FleischmannN@missouri.edu or by phone 773-412-3242


About MU Information Graphics

A place to post and share information graphics content.


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