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How happy is your Happy Meal?

I thought this post was interesting and worth reposting after we viewed the tower graphic in todays class. I also thought it was relevant as an example for your next blog post assignment. The post was originally authored by Rachel Stinebring. -Nathan One of the best sites for interesting information graphics is visual.ly. It has an … Continue reading

Gangnam Style

Ok. So when i am enjoying the the awesome music video called Gangnam Style by PSY, i am still thinking about if there is any way to make an infographic for it. And Wow.. there is really an infographic which celebrates the insane glory that is “Gangnam Style” http://neomam.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/gangnamstyle-infographic.jpg Ha. That’s really funny. 🙂 -margaret

Form Follows Function

Modern architecture and industrial design have often promoted the ideal of form following function; in other words, the design of a structure should be based upon the purpose it’s supposed to serve. And as I read through the second chapter in the WSJ book, it seemed that much of what Wong was emphasizing was the … Continue reading

Free from distraction and complexity

I used to think about graphic as “very cool”, which implies that it has good visual attraction. However, after listening to several weeks of lectures and reading the wonderfully easy-to-understand WSJ guide book, I changed my mind. Visuals are just a way to make things easier to comprehend, but not something that makes things prettier … Continue reading

What is professional info graphics?

When I am designing my info graphics, whether it is in Missourian or just out of my own interests, I always want to make it professional. But what is real professional in the info graphics world? Before doing the reading, I would imagine a really pro info graphics would be a page filled with cool … Continue reading

What’s the purpose here?

Somehow the cockroach graphic James once showed us haunted me for nearly a month. People would marvel at the drawing at the first sight, but then comes the question, so what? Showing the numerous homes of cockroaches is both useless and disgusting. We can imagine how much time the artist spent on collecting info and … Continue reading

Is your graphic ADA accessible?

Why open a store that customers can’t enter? Same goes for graphics. Why create a graphic that people can’t see? Creating graphics for the color-blind is like constructing buildings for the disabled. If a designer neglects special-needs individuals, their creation will be denied its largest audience. According to our WSJ guide, about 1 out of … Continue reading

Infographic Can Do A Great Misrepresenting Job

Infographics are a quick and easy way of conveying information. Sadly, however, they’re equally useful in simplifying data to the point of misrepresentation. From the text WSJ Guide this week, we know that choosing a y-axis scale that yield a flat line would misrepresent the trend, truncation/a bar chart does not begin at a zero … Continue reading

Make graphics more accurate

It has been my third week working at the Columbia Missourian as a graphic artiest. It is fun and and I think I want to pursue graphic design as my career. Meanwhile, I find that, more often than not, I need more professional practice before I can become a real graphic artiest. It is always … Continue reading

Fun, creative website

Forgive me for posting off the subject, but while seeking inspiration for a visualization, I came across a really fun website (it’s hard to stop playing with) that I also find creatively inspiring. It’s  www.incredibox.com. (Make sure your volume is turned on and give it a minute or two to load.) – Aaron