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It’s about more than drawing – Ruisha Qian

I really like the polls in the third lecture. They make me think when a graphic is most necessary and how to deliver the information most effectively.

The basic maps and charts are just the fundamentals of graphics reporting. As I marvel more and more often at eye-catching graphics, I start to realize what makes them stand out is the ideas and the design.

For example, how did the artists come up with the spiral-shaped graphic to illustrate geological time? The visual effect is incredible. And, how did this graphic manage to explain, in such a simple and visually appealing way, why freeways come to a stop? And how much work has the artist done to obtain so much data on higher education cost, sort them through, and arrange them in an orderly way?

There are so many questions we need to ask ourselves before making a graphic. Being a graphic designer makes me think visually and creatively. It also forces me to be more data-oriented.



2 thoughts on “It’s about more than drawing – Ruisha Qian

  1. Wow, what cool graphs!

    Posted by Matt_Schacht | September 3, 2012, 5:17 pm
  2. The freeways graphic is great. First, I like that the shape of the road looks like a shockwave. Also, the text is simple and clear. I understand what’s happening in the picture. And the graphic demonstrates a couple of Wong’s best practices: legible fonts that don’t detract from the data visualization; and a limited color palette. (One way the designer controls the palette, I think, is by using the highway-sign colors – green, yellow, white, black – for some of the cars and trucks.)

    Thanks for sharing this graphic, Ruisha!

    Posted by Aaron Cooper | September 4, 2012, 4:13 am

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