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Eyewear Company Takes Fresh Approach to Annual Report

Warby Parker, a fairly new startup that sells eyewear produced a more graphic intensive annual report, what they are calling A Year in Review.

Thinking about your required reading, WSJ Guide, what thoughts do you have about these graphics or the others located at the full site?

Nathan Fleischmann


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One thought on “Eyewear Company Takes Fresh Approach to Annual Report

  1. I remember seeing this graphic sometime last year. I think someone posted it on Facebook. It’s definitely interesting, along with the video at the end showing how it was made. In some ways, it is sort of a combination of Nigel Holmes’ work and what the WSJ book promotes.

    It’s flashy, but does follow pretty solid infographic procedures. Some of the charts are a bit ridiculous — like the graph of bagels consumed at each meeting — while others are somewhat inaccurate (the map of employees’ commutes didn’t make much sense at all). Overall, this graphic seems to follow a web trend this post talks about:


    It’s the tendency for these insanely long infographics online. Instead of telling a story, these graphic packages just chart a bunch of data with different methods. Sometimes the information being graphed isn’t even worth a chart. Then, we get something more like visual eye candy than actual distillation of information.

    Seems like Warby Parker is doing a little bit of this with their annual report, but I think that’s OK. This is obviously not meant to be taken 100% seriously, so I think it works here. On a news website, though, this wouldn’t be the best. Also, even if the information isn’t serious, the graphics make it easy to understand and digest — something the WSJ book calls on us to do.

    -Will G.

    Posted by willguldin | September 16, 2012, 9:56 pm

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