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Getting Cozy with Graphics

With my electives in the J-school, I’ve been trying to take courses that deal with the areas of journalism I’m least familiar with. From starting out of my comfort zone as a convergence student, to diving headfirst into multimedia planning and design, to this class, I want to broaden my interests and build practical new skills.

Fortunately, I’ve this class has offered and required plenty of learning already. With virtually no Illustrator skills coming into this, I was nervous at the onset. But the first few classes brought a level of insight that has made the learning process manageable and exciting, whether tracing the origins and evolution of graphics, or trying to think of ideas for a fictional budget of stories. The visual, creative process has been such a focus so early on and that really reinforces my confidence in taking this.

I’ll admit I was nervous about starting shifts so early on, especially with little Illustrator prowess, but I think that’s actually been a huge benefit. Learning a professional setting that holds us to to the expectation to create something is an effective impetus for developing and creating graphics that hold up to the level the Missourian expects. I’m still nervous for the weeks to come and the more difficult skills we will inevitably need to develop, but the resources we’ve had thus far make me feel good about things to come.


About esst2d

Third-year Convergence journalism student at University of Missouri.


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