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Soaring tuition costs, graphic from Money Magazine

Graphic from Money Magazine September 2011
Soaring Tuition costs, Money Magazine graphic 09-2011

This graphic was packaged into a story from Money Magazine’s September 2011 issue titled ‘Stop the Tuition Madness‘ by Kim Clark & Penelope Wang

The required textbook for this course is The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics, by Dona M. Wong, W.W. Norton and Co., © 2010. Have you had a chance to pick it up yet? If so, after you’ve begun reading through the first section titled, “The Basics” pg. 19-46, see if you can identify what this graphic may be doing well and what you might consider changing now that you’ve read that section. Still having trouble finding something to comment on, try looking at the color choices. Please post your comments here, all are encouraged.

On a related note, Anna Burkart created a chart on student loans at MU

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