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The way David MaCaulay writes books


Does anyone else work on projects the way MaCauley creates books?

I pick a piece of information about which I feel fairly informed, and just go at it until I run out of steam. This results is a collection of solid but completely disconnected chunks of written material and very crude pictures. I never try to work in a straight line from the beginning to the end of a book. I am usually not even sure what the beginning is until I’ve been at it for quite a while . As soon as enough chunks of material have been gathered, they are assembled into even larger pieces, Then these pieces are assembled to produce the first overall plan of the book.  (From Handout)

MaCaulay’s process rang a bell for me. I do so many activities in the fashion that he uses to write a book.Call it “Zen and the art of creatively making stuff.”

Many jobs prevent employees from working with this freedom though. The reason may be that when one works for someone else, one’s time is their money.

So what’s the lesson for a creative person? Find a job where their creativity can flourish.

And an even bigger lesson? Find a life where creativity can flourish.

And love.

Now if only I read my homework assignments on time. . .



One thought on “The way David MaCaulay writes books

  1. I agree with you. I feel stronger and stronger that creativity is key in making good-looking and newsworthy graphics. Making charts and maps is the basic step of learning the tool, and more creative efforts are required for the next step of being a good graphic artist.

    Posted by qianruisha | September 18, 2012, 2:29 am

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