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Make graphics more accurate

It has been my third week working at the Columbia Missourian as a graphic artiest. It is fun and and I think I want to pursue graphic design as my career. Meanwhile, I find that, more often than not, I need more professional practice before I can become a real graphic artiest. It is always hard for me to make the graphic more accurate, and present the data more clear. However, the book answers many of my concerns.

The book teaches me how to make charts more professional. It is not hard to make a chart, but it is hard to make a chart the best. There are millions of ways to make a chart, but which one is the best? It is hard to say, as we may hold different opinions about it. In the  book, the author offers us some great instructions. I feel like it is important to follow those principles and add out creative elements in our graphics. For instance, I drew three pie chart last week for an incoming city budget stories.I tries my best to make the chart informative, accurate and appealing. However, when I read the book this weekend, I noticed that there are more details I should concern when I draw the graphic.

First, I should make the pie chart more concise. After analyzing the date, I divide my pie chart into six segment. In the book, it says “A pie chart should not have more than five slices.” In this case, I find out the Missourian style, and it also says we can combine some data to avoid there are too many slices in a pie chart.

Also, When I made my pie chart, I didn’t know the order of the slices maters. According to the book, “Never chart segments clockwise from smallest to largest.” “Place the largest segment at 12 o’clock on the right to emphasize its importance.” Since I didn’t know the importance of the order, I simply put the order of the data into the pie chart, and that’s why I spent quite a line time to make the chart readable. Without a clear order of data input, it is hard to make a pie chart readable.

Thirdly, the book also put a lot emphasis on shades and colors. I didn’t know a lot color principles when I made my pie chart. What I did is just to use the Missourian style to color the pie chart. Actually,  there are a lot useful principles to make the pie chart more appealing if we use them appropriately. For instance, how to emphasis the important data, and how to keep the chart clear and clean.

The book also talks a lot about bars, proportional pies, grid lines, and also choices of icons. Since I didn’t make those graphics, I cannot apply those principles in my own experience. But, I am sure, I can put those useful principles in use in the future.



One thought on “Make graphics more accurate

  1. I think the specific conventions about building information graphics was really interesting and insightful to me too. I think the seemingly simpler things like bar charts and pie charts and line graphs can seem like straightforward and intuitive, but they do require attention to detail. There were a lot of points Wong raised regarding sequencing, organization, dimensions, and space that make you realize that there’s more to consider and take into account when you’re trying to efficiently and accurately depict information.

    Posted by esst2d | September 19, 2012, 4:51 am

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