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What is professional info graphics?

When I am designing my info graphics, whether it is in Missourian or just out of my own interests, I always want to make it professional. But what is real professional in the info graphics world?

Before doing the reading, I would imagine a really pro info graphics would be a page filled with cool illustrations and graphs. The color needs to be catchy and bond, and the whole layout of the graphics are creative and fun.

But after reading the WSJ guide, I think the bottom line for professional info graphics is to be concise and reader friendly. Doing a info graphics is not really hugely different from writing an article. You can certainly use flamboyant words in the news, but what matters is that it is informative while it is concise. So for info graphics, some colors are good, but it can not be too much that it would be distracting for the viewers. In the guide, most graphics only have one or tow colors, mainly yellow and white. The use of the light colors makes the graphics look very clean and concise. And I think people will focus more on the content of the graphics rather than the form of the graphics. And of course, content is always more important than the delivery form.

And I think it also depends on the contents of the graphics. If it is about entertainment or art, it is OK to use vibrant colors in the info graphics. But when dealing serious issues such as politics and economics, it would be more effective to use concise and simple colors, so the viewers will not be confused by the color uses.

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