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Everyday graphics

Non-news graphics are so immersed in our daily life that we seldom notice or pay serious attention to them. The first thing that came to my mind is the traffic signs. Stop signs. J-turn signs. Bike lane signs.


No doubt this is an information graphic, and possibly the most seen in our daily life, except the man and woman signs outside the restroom. It usually contains an image (here a koala), sometimes a symbol such as an arrow, which conveys meanings. This kind of information graphic is for the only sake of providing information: telling drivers what to expect and the distance.

Then I would recall my English books in childhood, or pictures on the wall that teach names of common vegetables.


Static words and pronunciations are visualized by these animal images. Viewers not only can see the moves of the animals, but can hear them, thus learning how to pronounce the words. Very visual and informative graphics.

And here comes a floor plan.


There’s not even one single word. But you know everything you need to know about the house through the image.

As I check my social networking websites, I notice lots of friends like reposting funny images. Some of these images are essentially graphics. This one pokes fun at good friends. So true.


This one describes different genders’ different shopping habits. Two lines speak louder than a thousand words.


I didn’t really find any good website that has awesome daily graphics. This is the first entry when I googled funny graphics. Just images and a few words, and laugh out loud.



One thought on “Everyday graphics

  1. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Road signs not only can convey the traffic alert in a second, but also serve as an universal language! I think they are really powerful infographics!

    Posted by margaretnym | October 3, 2012, 1:30 am

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