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Fun Star Wars Info Graphics

I don’t usually like spending hours after hours watching long movies, especially old movies. But these two info graphics somehow gave me some impulses to watch the Star War series.

See how cute those characters are! I think some of the reasons that the graphics work are because of the use of colors and creation of the characters. The graphics are on one hand timelines, detailing the beginning of the events to eventually destruction and the end of the empire. Significant battles are depicted in circles of different colors and the characters who are involved in the battle are drawn in the circle. I don’t really know much about the movie, but I would imagine that the locations of the circles on the graphics would show the time order of the battles as well. On the other hand, the graphics show all the characters to the readers in really cute forms. Look at Jabba Desilijic Tiure the Hutt ( that is a real long name!), in reality he is like this:


Not so cute… But in the graphics he is cute as a stuffed animal.  I think portraying the characters in cute way helps to draw more viewers in. I assume most of the Star Wars fans are male, and the cute characters will attract more female viewers. As a result, the info graphics will reach to a wider audience.

But there are some parts that are not working quite well with me. I have never watched Star Wars before. Though the author gives us a brief introduction of the movie in the chatter, I still have a hard time understanding the whole timeline. But I guess it is extremely hard to have the whole plot of the films represented in a single graphics. So in summary, these two graphics did a great job of attracting me to watch the movies.

And the cute characters remind me of another info graphics work done by the Missourian.


It is just the time to review some of the costumes for the Halloween! But really? I can’t believe the fifth hottest costume for dog is cat. Then I may dress my cat as dog for the upcoming Halloween.

By Qing Tian


About qing_tian

Journalism student at Missouri school of journalism. Passionate about international reporting and producing!


3 thoughts on “Fun Star Wars Info Graphics

  1. I love the cute graphics! I am thinking for long to make such cute icon graphic for Missourian, but they are not always related. The Star War graphic is well-designed, and I like the layout a lot. The circles and lines just make the graphic more interesting. Since we have already make a cute graphic about halloween, why shouldn’t we make one of the Top SEC Apparel or our Missourian editors?

    Posted by cinray | October 3, 2012, 1:48 am
  2. I second Xinrui’s idea on a graphic for SEC apparel. i think the graphic would have a lot of appeal among readers for several reasons: (a) It’s the SEC, (b) it’s fashion and (c) it’s business sales. There’s something for everyone. How can we learn what the top SEC apparel(s) are?

    Posted by Matt_Schacht | October 3, 2012, 2:39 am
  3. It’s really surprising that I can understand so much about the Star War just by looking at the graphic. It seems to be complicated, but the presentation is so clear. I really like that multiple lines of different colors linking different characters and think it’s effective to show the different connections in this way. But some of the lines (red and orange) don’t have caption/note on them, so I don’t really know what do they mean. The circles that includes two characters successfully fit in the whole picture and explain some more details. Generally it’s really good illustration. Asides from SEC, I think we can also do something about the relationship between campaign candidates and some big corporations, trying to explain the economic and social background of political figures.

    Posted by maolingxiong | October 3, 2012, 4:21 am

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