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Narrative graphic: good visuals with organized texts

I have been looking at some graphics and found a lot of inspirational ones, of which I will talk about one graphic about food trucks. It’s from Infographr, a website that present graphics of different topics.

This graphic provides a lot of useful information about food trucks and presents the information visually, and it’s successful in telling the story of food trucks: the pros and cons of food trucks, the developing environment in U.S. and what do they sell. That’s why it’s information graphic.

One of the reasons I like this graphic is that it’s really narrative, and the organization of texts and graphics are very smooth and clear, which makes it easy to understand the information.

Also, the combination of data presentation and images make it really easy to understand the information. For example, in comparing the cost  — $40,000 and $160,000, the author not only used two sized circles to interpret the data, but also drew a food truck and sandwich shop. The matching information enhanced the understanding of the information.

In addition, the color skin of the whole graphic is really consistent, which makes it visually attractive and not distracting. It’s easy to focus on the information.

For this particular part of the graphic, the author did a good job in presenting two sets of opposing information. With the help of a text transition and a different color, the author separated the three “bad cities”, and managed to explain the specifics of them with visual icons below the map. I think the organizing of information is really clear and use of colors is simple and effective.

Asides from this graphic, I have seen a very inspirational graphic about UK retirement. Since it’s somewhat newsworthy and not meeting the requirement of this blog, I didn’t talk about it. But if you take a look at it, you will find a lot of ideas of presenting data, which can be really helpful when we try to visualize data. I really like this part of the graphic below, and I think the food truck graphic could have done something like this. They can draw a sandwich and show the percentage of popular sandwiches, or show the percentage of sales at major locations (U.S cities).

This graphic comes from the Daily Infographic, which is a good graphic website updating one graphic everyday. It includes a wide variety of topics including business, food, crime, lifestyle etc. It’s good for broadening our horizons.

Here is the link:




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