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Animation and interactive graphics – tell me more!

Did you know Illustrator is one program utilized in creating animation, as this demo explains?

Here’s an animation about the history of an atom, which was created with photoshop, illustrator and after effects. Yikes that’s awesome.

In Tuesday’s class, I overheard Laura mention that she doesn’t use flash animation in her job. Why is that? Does a flash graphic take too much time to create? Does flash not work on mobile devices? I wonder.

I am also interested in making interactive graphics. This NY Times graphic about the Tsunami that struck Japan on March 11 is an excellent example. The graphic offers a map of Japan’s coastline, with options of viewing building damage, casualties, or photos from a given geographic area. The graphic is so versatile, and I’m so impressed with it, that I feel guilty for admiring its design when I should be focused on the Tsunami victims.

Animation and interactive graphics seem like the next level. I’d love to have the ability to make this kind of art.



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