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Graphic for the Green at Heart

This graphic (pictured below) on energy saving tips appealed to me for a few different reasons. First, the graphic is very colorful and eye-catching. Second, I try to be green and conserve energy, so the tips were simple and useful. It works as a good example of an information-graphic because it combines visual elements with useful information. The main visual element the cross-section of a house and the information is the tips—including numbers on energy, water, and money saved if the tip is carried out—for different parts of the house. One of the nice parts of this graphic is each part of the house it categorized with a different color, making it easier visually to see which energy saving tip applies to which par of the house.


I found a similar information graphic here about making your home more energy efficient, however, I think the first graphic is much more colorful and visually appealing and the color coded tips for different sections of the house make it a bit easier to follow than this second one on energy efficiency.



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