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Graphics are everywhere

Since we are working as graphics artist in the newsroom, I am more likely to find some exciting graphics on daily basis. I always try to find graphics in some national newspaper website to see how they handle data and design. I like New York Times’s graphic a lot, especially their interactive graphics, more often than not, surprise me.

Meanwhile, I notice that graphics are not only exist in newsrooms, we can find them in many other places. Sometimes, graphics show us directions, and some times graphics give us illustrations. Those non-journalism graphics also serve an important role in our lives.

I find a video that use graphic to show numbers and facts. The graphics are also used to inform people even though they are not in the newsrooms.

The video’s main element is graphic, and they use flash to show those graphic moving instead of being still. Also they put music, narrative to it, so that readers can easily catch those data. I think the video works very well with the graphic, as people can get a sense of compelling as all those numbers. Meanwhile, I notice those graphics are so different from typical graphic, as they use really bold color, and big topography. It makes sense as those graphics are used to grab people’s attention.

After some digging, I find that the website actually publish video and graphic like this on daily basis. It is amazing how much graphics are in their website. The website call those short report “facts,” which are mainly data-driven and well-designed. I think it is a neat way to convey information and to attract reader’s attention. I am wondering how can we make a video like this with graphics embed? Should we use Flash? Hopefully, I can figure out during the rest of the semester.



2 thoughts on “Graphics are everywhere

  1. Nice post! I love the use of kinetic typography in videos like these. Ford has been using them a lot lately to advertise their many trucks (I think Kevin Bacon even does the voiceovers). The combination of motion, audio and graphics can tell a very powerful story. I believe the majority of these videos are created in Adobe’s After Effects, although I’m not 100% sure. Here is an example that doesn’t necessary use infographics, but is more of a typographical exploration – it also reassures every time I get frustrated with design!

    Posted by Philip Prouhet | October 3, 2012, 4:59 am
  2. I love information graphics videos. They really take infographics to the next level by adding the moving element and sometimes interactional element. The movement and music can really help telling the story of the data even more clearly. I would be thrilled if I could come away from this class being able to make a great inforgraphic video. This particular infographic has great colors and the use of the ticking time watch was particularly compelling though the graph comparing now to the 1930s actually made be feel better about our current debt situation, which I don’t think was the goal of the graphic/video.

    Posted by myannamatopoeialife | October 4, 2012, 1:15 pm

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