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Graphics Examples

Graphic examples

When I exploring the the Internet, I found that most graphics are similar. Many of them are charts, even though some of them are creatively designed. Many of them are diagrams, showing how a certain invention works or a certain object’s development history. Many of them are created based on a set of data, or results of survey.

What I found interesting is that some graphics are designed with great amount of data. I think those graphics are really hard to draw, as those overwhelming amount of information is hard to interpret in just one graphic.

I found two graphics both deal with extremely complicated information, and one of them is well-designed, and I think the other one is make me confused.

The first one is from Wall street Journal, and the graphic is about Nobel Prize winners. 

Screen Shot of the novel prize winner graphic from the Wall Street Journal.

Obviously, the information is quite convoluted, and hard represent to some extent. However, the graphic successful show the trends of the winners throughout of the history. You cannot only found subjects of the winers, but also their nationalities from the graphic easily. At the bottom, they also show their research institution affiliated with the winners. The graphic has several layer of precious information that is hard to compile by any single person. Meanwhile, if you point any of the lines of the graphic, you can get more information about a certain winner. I think the graphic is well-designed, effective and informative.

Another graphic example, named The Internet Map, is well-known and kind of cool. The graphic is created with tons of data and connection. With the map, you can find out some crucial information and relationship between websites. However, I think the map is really hard to navigate, and the graphic is not make sense to me at all. From the map, I can tell the size and relationship of websites, and there are millions of small sites in the map that I don’t even know which one I should pay attention to and how show I get the information I am looking for. What I think the difference between the two graphic is that they present the data in a different way, and how the simplify the information for readers.

Screen Shot of the Internet Map



One thought on “Graphic examples

  1. My jaw drops looking at these graphics. The first one about Nobel prizes is so elegant and detailed, with threads that seem impossibly thin. I’m amazed that the threads can actually make it to their destination without getting knotted together in a mess.

    The second graphic is like floating through outer space and describes the internet, a contrast which is both satisfying and profound. It’s like asking what life is out there, inside our computers, connected to other computers and other continents.

    Maybe I need sleep, but these graphics seem totally awesome.

    Posted by Matt_Schacht | October 16, 2012, 5:57 am

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