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Good and Bad

As much as I like Mickey Mouse, this graphics about the history of Mickey does not work for me perfectly. One failing reason is that the layout of the graphics is vertical, and it is impossible to fit the whole graphic in one screen. So when I look at one date, say 1940, I have to trace all the way back from the black line, and found the number on the other end of the black line is also 1940. Firstly, I do not think it is necessary to have the years lined up on the right side and have hands stretching to the left. And the images are too far away from the left. When I see the graphics, it is the image of 1984 next to the year 1995. This mismatch happens throughout the graphics. It is kind of confusing to me. And secondly, I hope it will have a little more illustrations to tell the history of Mickey instead of just plain text.

I would also suggest to put a QR code on the graphics, so the readers can scan the code and directly go to the website instead of manually typing the web address into the browser.

But on contrary, I really like the info graphics about the “info graphics”. It is very simple and fun, and the patterns and the color combinations really pops to your eyes. And it makes me proud to be an info graphic designer, or at least in the future. I think this is the perfect way to tell a profession or a story into simple illustrations. And it is fairly easy to make in illustrator. Ultimately, it is the creativity that grabs the attention from the readers. So I think besides shaping our skills in illustrators, it is also very important to be creative and learn to present the datas in exciting and fun ways.


And here is the link to the two info graphics:

History of Mickey Mouse

What is Info graphics? 

By Qing Tian


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Journalism student at Missouri school of journalism. Passionate about international reporting and producing!


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