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Politics, Social Media and Infographics

The two sites I’m comparing are about social media use in the 2012 campaign.


The first (found here) starts out with previous elections’ stats from 2008 and 2010. I thought that was a great idea to show how social media is—or isn’t—developing over time. It really puts the number in perspective before talking about today’s use of social media in relation to the election today.



The next site (found here) compares the two candidates, rather than past elections. It shows who is getting more “likes” on Facebook or coverage through any other social media app like Instagram, Klout, Pinterest and Twitter—even Myspace…wow.



I really like the layout of the second graphic and I find it amusing. When it comes to information, however, I prefer the first graphic because it tells me a much bigger picture that I feel is more important than just who’s being talked about most in the social media market, because someone mentioning a candidate doesn’t necessarily mean they are for or against that candidate.

The information in the first graphic is also very easy to understand and read. I like clean, simple graphics because they won’t take a lot of time to understand and they can still look very nice. I’m going to aim for that in my final project and try to come up with the simplest way to display information without it looking too crazy or take the reader too much effort to understand.


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