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People are tired of bad infographics, so make good ones

Here is a bad graphic from the Boston Metro on Oct 10th, 2012. The graphic was named as “Conflicting poll” which was trying to show that difference of Pew’s poll results from Gallop’s.


This graphic has many mistakes.

First, neither individual poll sums to 100%. They added up not even 200%. This is wired. Second, either the colour choices make no sense. On one half, Obama’s light green, on the other half, it’s reversed to Romney, or more likely, the labels are the wrong way round on top. The “49% Gallup Obama” label points to an area that is smaller than the “46% Gallup Romney”. But even if you treat the top left segment as 46%, it looks smaller than the 45% below it. Third, the labels are not in unity. They made the text of half of the label of the leader in each poll bold.

Infographic: Do College Freshmen Feel Academically Prepared for Classes?
This is a good and simple one.


The infographic incorporates an appealing photo and organized text to show how college freshmen felt their high school experience prepared them for college. With sharp colours added to the white tone background, the percentage and the message intended to convey is very clear, where you’ll find exactly what you need and gain some extra helpful facts too.

And it is very creative to use different student stuff to illustrate the information. Everything is in scale and tidy. Most importantly, it gets the maths( the portion divided) all correct!



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