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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Well, per usual, I got mixed up and forgot this was due a while ago and didn’t notice until I went to write the latest blog post …and discovered I never did the last assignment.

We talk a lot about “bad” infographics will be things like lists, just not visual or hard to understand.

This infographic below is bad for a few reasons. First, it looks weird. Just, it looks like a picture with things on top or maybe someone photoshopped a few quarter cutouts together to make it. Basically, it looks like something I would do last minute for this class. (Just being honest.)

coin chart washday infographic

The bad.

You know, looking at it again, it definitely looks like someone just took a picture of quarters on top of a piece of paper. Things they could’ve done that would make it better: make a doodle type image of quarters and stack them up, more accurately according to how much it costs per dryer. Also, it just in general doesn’t make that much sense t me. I think I would’ve preferred the labels below the bars, and the  money amounts on top. (source)

So that was the bad.

The ugly is this:

ladies living large

“Ladies Living Large…” and also in weird colors.

Yeah, it’s hard to see, so follow this link  and hopefully it’ll be more readable.

This graphic is better than the quarters one, but it’s still not a good use of space. Much of it is taken up by 3D drawings of houses and unnecessary silhouettes of women in 50s clothing – which seems out of place, since all the female celebs they’re talking about are not from that time period. Another thing that bothers me about this graphic, and why I decided to call it “the ugly” one of this post are the colors. Why on earth would you choose red, orange and blue? All of those things make me not want to look at this graphic.

And now, drumroll please, time for the good!

literacy infographic

Literacy empowerment…and info-graphical success. I just made that up. You can call me Shakespeare.

Again, for the big, scroll-able version click here.

I think this is a good infographic because it’s visual, but with a purpose. It has a wide variety of charts and interesting facts. It uses space well, for the most part, and intersperses quotes from famous people about their cause; normally, I’d say that’s just to take up space, but in this instance, it seems apropos. The colors used are blues, beiges, orange/yellow and red – but only in moderation and when trying to show what’s wrong. That is a good use of the color red, not just as an obnoxious background color like the “ugly” infographic I just discussed.

So I think big things are good uses of space and color, as well as not trying too hard when it comes to images. I would prefer things that help tell the story, not just serve as decoration.


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