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All My Friends are Taking Engineering Jobs and I’m Making Minimum Wage

Sweaty palms, increased heart rate, sinking pit in your stomach.

If you’re a journalism major you’ve probably experienced this feeling when you’re about to miss deadline and/or when you see all your friends who went into scientific fields posting about accepting job offers on Facebook. Not speaking from experience or anything ( but why, WHY did so many of my friends go into engineering?!)

Anyway, I was recently browsing the interwebs, for jobs after witnessing more than one friend post about taking a job, and stumbled upon this gem.

interactive infographic

I can only dream of working for these companies. Hey, Facebook, hire me!

It allows the viewer to click on the top companies American college students want to work for and to see what types of personalities those companies draw. So, for example, in the image above, Walt Disney attracts tons of people with loads of personality types. Ostensibly, that works for them, since they have to run parks and also a business. Nissan attracts leaders and Teach for America attracts many types as well.

So my best friend from high school went into engineering – as did ALL of my other friends, save for the one lone econ major and myself, majoring in “overnights and naps,” apparently – and she just took a job at Exxon-Mobile.


My best friend is probably smart.

She’s a leader and also a “hunter” meaning she has some pretty legit monetary concerns – which, I can say is entirely right, we’re not from the nicest of neighborhoods – and an “explorer” and entrepreneur.

I would look up my future employer but I don’t have one. And literally no journalism companies were options on this interactive infographic.

If I had the slightest idea of how to make this, I would change the following: I think it’s lame only some companies are on this list. But whatever. Also, I would probably try to attach average starting salaries to this somewhere. Not that I need further disheartening about my personal salary outlook.

A cool thing I noticed is if you scroll up to the top, you can click on the “Areas of Education” box and instead of seeing personality breakdown, you’ll see what degrees lead to jobs in those areas. (HINT: most of them are business, Engineering or IT.)

PR anybody?


About Samantha Kubota

Producer/Web Editor for KOMU-TV, President of Mizzou RTDNA. Animal lover, foodie, Michigander/Chicagoan at heart.


2 thoughts on “All My Friends are Taking Engineering Jobs and I’m Making Minimum Wage

  1. Really creative and cool way to represent the data. What kind of graph is this?

    The information is interesting, too, even though the list of employers is limited.

    Three of the top 12 choices among humanities/education majors are the FBI, CIA and NSA.

    Posted by Aaron Cooper | October 30, 2012, 5:32 am
  2. This is really great find. It has the possibility of telling so many stories and it’s a perfect of example of when an interactive graphic works best: When there’s tons of data and the reader can choose which information they want out of it. What really surprised me about this graphic was how so few companies are looking for “leader” personalities, especially Teach for America.

    In response to Aaron’s comment: Knowing that the FBI and CIA are willing to hire humanities majors is quite a relief. I’m going to be sure to bring up this graphic the next time someone gives me that skeptical/sympathetic look when they find out I’m a journalism major.

    Posted by myannamatopoeialife | November 1, 2012, 3:37 am

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