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Interactive Graphic example

During the election season, there are so many election graphics that you can find blue and red everywhere. Som of them are traditional bar chart or pie chart, but more often than not, they design interactive graphics to attract attentions.

I find a graphic I like a lot called USA TODAY/Twitter Election Meter. I think it is a good interactive graphics not only because it is well-designed, but also I believe it represent a new trend in graphic world.

Screen shot from the USA TODAY.com

As you can easily find that the graphic combines information with Twitter. You ca monitor instant twitter account information, and you can track the trends with the graphic. The graphic actually compile the information from Twitter for you.

They also add some interesting feature to the graphics to keep readers engaging.  For instance, you can scroll the timeline below the graphic to see historical tweets and track the trends. And you can find the position of the tweet through the number above the tweet. Also, you can follow or retweet the tweets directly through the graphic.

The source of the graphics is Twitter, Topsy, The Mellman Group, and North Star Opinion Research. Those three groups are all opinion research group, which make the those instan analysis happen. And I think , the trend to combine graphic with social media is an important feature I will pay attention to.



One thought on “Interactive Graphic example

  1. I think it is really an interesting combo between Twitter and info graphics, as both of them are the new participants in the news arena, and this example is a very interesting experiments of joining them together to cover a serious topic. I think in this way, more people will be attracted to the presidential debate compared to before.

    BY Qing Tian

    Posted by qtp8c | October 31, 2012, 2:53 am

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