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Slicing and dicing Obama’s budget


So, this infographic was my ultimate inspiration for my final project. It offers four ways to slice Obama’s proposed budget, and it came out in February. 

I really like the way this is initially presented. It’s polished, informative and really demands your attention. With that said, I think there is a lot that could be improved on. My biggest issue with it is that the context is missing. Why are the biggest increases the biggest? And why are some departments being focused on for cuts? This graphic answers the ‘what’, but doesn’t give much deeper explanation. It’d be nice if you could click on each bubble to see more info. 

The first two panes of this graphic work well, but I also think that the “changes” window is really tough to interpret. Not sure there is a clear story going on here. Overall, though, its very cool. If you know anything about coding, this uses the d3 javascript library, which I’m trying to learn now. I’m doing something similar, but much simpler than this for my project. Hopefully mine can look half this good!




One thought on “Slicing and dicing Obama’s budget

  1. This is pretty fascinating, Will. I think I have pretty much the same compliments and issues that you’ve mentioned here. In terms of giving a categorical, organizational presentation of the way budget funds are allocated, this is pretty peerless. It’s visually striking and the organization is pretty outstanding, but I’d agree that the context of why the money is spent where it is is missing and could be something they could supplement. It seems that it may be difficult to convey that information visually here without cluttering what’s already working so well, so maybe even a written chatter that gives more of the why could be effective here.

    Posted by esst2d | October 31, 2012, 3:08 am

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