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God is in the Details : Inspiration

At this point in my design career, the execution and software knowledge have become second nature – but my own personal visual aesthetic remains elusive. I recognize that my own work is very utilitarian and basic when it comes to visuals. Anytime a visual artist is able to combine utility with artistic exploration, I am … Continue reading

My Simple Aesthetic

I think one of the difficult things for me with graphics is that I have a tendency to like straightforward designs and portrayals of information that still remain visually compelling. And that honestly isn’t an easy task. People are much more prone to create something that floats on either side of the balance–something that’s too … Continue reading

Handcrafted infographics

I love handcrafted graphics. I am always amused by the raw texture and extra details handcrafted graphics could offer. They are truly art works, with extra text and statistics inside to tell a story. The Malofiej 20 awards, known as the┬áPulitzers of the infographics world, recognize the finest infographics published across the globe. The current … Continue reading

Inspiring graphics

We should have more fun with information graphics if the ideas are not constrained to bar charts and pie charts. From esthetic perspective, I think some art works that contains information graphic elements are inspiring. As for graphics with more design factors could be more attractive to readers. What I find especially interesting is some … Continue reading

Interactive Graphic: Lead audience to go through a story in an enjoyable way

When I look for a good graphic, I don’t really have a lot of criteria for it. It just comes to me. I think the main point is: Does it tell a story effectively? Does it encourage you to consume all the information (or most of the information) successfully? When I found this graphic from … Continue reading

creativity that clicks

This graphics grabs my attention because of its simplicity, use of color and creativity. To me, the best info graphics should be easy and fun to read yet contains necessary amount of information to feed the readers. As graphic designers, we do not need words to put out information, rather, it is the images and … Continue reading

1. Think of this post as though you are trying to explain your interests in graphics both visually, with the example, and written. In short, find an inspiring graphic. Consider the following thoughts to discuss in your post. What is it that you like about the graphic? One of my favorite graphics is from the … Continue reading

Beautiful interactive graphic on Ramadan by Gulf News

Why do Muslims go fasting? Why do they end the fasting by eating dates? How should we behave if we visit them in the month of Ramadan as foreigners? Well, this interactive graphic tells you all — with beautiful illustrations of Muslims and mosques. At first I was merely attracted by the beautiful drawings. It … Continue reading

Going rate for a static infographic, $1495.00

A website called visual.ly appears to be a clearinghouse for designers and employers – like an online marketplace to buy and sell graphics. Above, visual.ly offers a static graphic for $1,495.00, promised to be completed in less than a month by one of the member artists. I assume Visual.ly takes a commission or charges a … Continue reading

The colors of our forefathers

I wonder what the shelf-life of an infographic is? How long does it remain interesting to look at? I found a graphic with a long shelf-life, i.e. you can look at if for a long time and continue to find more information in its design. The graphic is a visualization of the history of the … Continue reading