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The colors of our forefathers

I wonder what the shelf-life of an infographic is? How long does it remain interesting to look at?

I found a graphic with a long shelf-life, i.e. you can look at if for a long time and continue to find more information in its design. The graphic is a visualization of the history of the U.S. congress.


Wowzer! Now that’s a graphic. The graphic’s key is on the left side of the image.

Its design is too complicated for me to explain, i.e. the design is so elegant that you should see the graphic yourself. Click on the adjacent image and you’ll travel to a site where you can zoom in on the image for a better look.

After you that, you can read my opinion of the graphic below.

This graphic is epic. A U.S. Representative or Congress person could frame this graphic and hang it on the wall of their D.C. office. When making tough decisions, the congress person could glance at this graphic for inspiration about how to choose their own path, because this graphic offers the paths of every federal U.S. politician that came before them. The historical scope is genetic, the political hereditary lineage of a government.

The graphic is not for the faint-of-heart or weak-minded. If you’re looking for a entertain-o-graphics, this one will probably be burdensome. Like I said, the graphic is dense. One can dwell on it for a long time. Like a good novel or poem, the graphic contains depth and subtlety.



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