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1. Think of this post as though you are trying to explain your interests in graphics both visually, with the example, and written. In short, find an inspiring graphic.
Consider the following thoughts to discuss in your post. What is it that you like about the graphic?
One of my favorite graphics is from the New York Times. I tend to find a lot of graphics from them and one I especially like is about basketball, titled “Where the Heat and the Thunder Hit Their Shots.” It shows just that.
I like that it is interactive and very specific when you roll your mouse over certain parts of the graph. It shows total points, number of attempts and how many points were scored at each spot. Its something I never would’ve known and tell a lot about the tendencies of each team. The colors are easy to understand and it gives a great visual.
 It also included several of the same graphics for each player showing their stats and shooting trends. My favorite part is when I scroll over a player’s image, it explodes into the graphic!
The graphic was made back in June of this year so its only a few months old. If I had to guess, this probably took FOREVER. I believe I could create a graphic similar to this, at least with the same interaction ability. I don’t think I could make one as GREAT as this, but something similar.

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Originally from Dallas, I am continuing to create myself in Columbia, Missouri at the School of Journalism. A full-time producer for Newsy.com and creating numerous works in varying forms of media. I've finally convinced people to buy my time, or at least my work, and much sooner than I thought :) Watch my at Newsy.com, the Huffington Post, Mashable and YouTube!


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  1. It’s definitely a lot of work. The three graphic artists had to collect data and create so many dots. I also like the interactive feature of transforming players into graphics. It’s just so much fun to play with. The use of color is perfect – a thermomap of the number of attempts at each spot. Nice graphic!

    Posted by qianruisha | November 14, 2012, 3:39 am

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