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Beautiful interactive graphic on Ramadan by Gulf News

Why do Muslims go fasting? Why do they end the fasting by eating dates? How should we behave if we visit them in the month of Ramadan as foreigners? Well, this interactive graphic tells you all — with beautiful illustrations of Muslims and mosques.


At first I was merely attracted by the beautiful drawings. It must be quite an effort to do such exquisite drawings. The graphic was finished by a team of artists who did the drawing, a researcher, photographers, an interactive artist and a supervisor. It was published in July.

I think it’s the drawings that makes the graphic unique. It’s so different from others we see everyday, which often have simple drawings, a reflection of the fast-paced daily newsrooms, and muted colors. This one has a very attractive exotic style.

Then I found it quite informative as well. It has lots of texts (which might be a drawback, but with all the beautiful illustrations, it’s a fun read). The graphic does a good job explaining the basics of Ramadan, fasting, Islam and mosques. It provided a quite complete guide to people with little background knowledge.


For this graphic, I think the drawing is the hardest part. It’s quite professional. It’s not easy to replicate the style.



One thought on “Beautiful interactive graphic on Ramadan by Gulf News

  1. I feel that the graphics stands out mainly because of the drawing, it is both a piece of art work and a news info graphics piece. And I think people love to read this kind of graphics as there are so many details in it, both the information and the drawing. As much as I love to do some graphics like this, it is really hard for me to acquire the art skills.

    Qing Tian

    Posted by qtp8c | November 14, 2012, 4:17 am

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