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Inspiring graphics

We should have more fun with information graphics if the ideas are not constrained to bar charts and pie charts. From esthetic perspective, I think some art works that contains information graphic elements are inspiring. As for graphics with more design factors could be more attractive to readers.

What I find especially interesting is some hand-drawed artworks. Those artworks are more of a designed painting than a information graphic. But they represent more esthetic consideration in their design. Here are several examples from alpha chimp studio. 

Screen shot of pictures from alphachimp studio.

Screen shot of pictures from alphachimp studio.

Screen shot of pictures from alphachimp studio.

At first glance, those drawing are not information graphics but artworks. However, if you look at them closely, you will find that many components of the pictures are information graphics related. They incorporate diagrams, pie charts, and line charts to showcase their data and information.

I like the design of those graphics, they use bold colors and attractive shapeless. They tell stories through those shapes. Those graphics are more fun to read then typically dry graphics from newspapers, which often include heavy data.

Those graphics are actually quite old, they were published in 2002. What I think is interesting is how to convert those hand-draw style into a information graphic style design. I think it is perfectly fine to preserve the hand-draw style, but we can display it with illustrator or in-design. It is not necessary to actually draw them by hand for newspapers. Also, we can learn from their construction of the visual stories, and the design efforts they put into the graphics.

The graphics are from a website run by a visual learning company. I don’t really know exactly who is the designer of the graphics, but I notice that this company have published many stuff like this, fun-to-read graphics.

From a practical point of view, I think this design style can easily be put into use. My goal is to combine informativeness and attractiveness together for graphic design. Graphics can be more various than we believe. I can simply change the drawing style with Illustrator and put more personalized design factors to achieve a style like this.




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