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Motion graphic

Motion graphics are a kind of graphic that uses animation or video footage to illustrate an idea. Sound effect, voice-over narration or music is often a component. Other possible elements are pictures, 3D, typography and info graphics. When connected to journalism, motion graphics can be a powerful and engaging way of storytelling utilizing modern digital technologies. 

For static graphics, viewers are encouraged to explore by themselves. They need to read and interpret the information, despite the fact that graphic artists often try to highlight important information and make the navigation easier. Even interactive graphics tend to give viewers more freedom to explore the different components by themselves. But for motion graphics, the visual and sound guide the viewer through the whole story. 

I think motion graphics are definitely gaining momentum. Videos usually seize immediate attentions from viewers, and the visual and sound effect is a powerful way of communication. Plus, watching animations is a fun experience for many people. 

This is an example of motion graphics which I found really interesting and engaging. It tells readers why Japan is viewed as a strange country. I really like it because the animation is pretty and very Japanese, and the music is also attractive. The most important is the topic though. I think many people would want to know why Japan is a strange country.


This is a link to the motion graphic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au0Ue7qCy6k



2 thoughts on “Motion graphic

  1. This is a really interesting graphics, and I think motion graphics can provide a cheap way to do the story about Japan without sacrificing the freshness to use the stock images and shots or a lot of travelling expenses. I am really interested and looking forward to watch more graphics like this!

    Posted by qtp8c | December 8, 2012, 3:38 am
  2. I agree that videos are really attractive to people, and motion graphics’ ability to combine image, animation and sound together make it the future trend. The motion graphic about Japan really indicate how much information it is possible to present in a short time, but it’s going so fast, I feel a little hard to follow everything. That might be one drawback of motion graphic: we are not so sure the pace we designed can suit the audience well. Just a minor thing. Audience can always stop.

    Posted by maolingxiong | December 8, 2012, 4:37 am

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