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Motion graphics

To me, motion graphics are more likely to be under the category of video. As we can see from the examples, those graphics are used to tell stores with the help graphics. Those motion graphics provide a fantastic way to show information that we can hardly show in reality.

In the traditional way, we need to shoot the video of what is happing to tell stories. With the help of motion graphics, we can combine the benefits of video and data reporting into one graphics. It is kind of a hybrid form of graphics and videos. Viewers still watch the graphics in the video format, but they can get an experience of graphics at the same time.

In terms of whether motion graphics would replace still graphics and interactive graphics, there is no correct answer. In my perspective, I believe each of them has unique features that other format don’t have. Therefore, I think they will co-exist harmonious for data visualization.

As for motion graphics, there is no way for readers to interactive with the information directly, as you just watch the video from the beginning to the end. As for interactive graphics, you provide tools for readers to filter the data by themselves, which motion graphics cannot achieve.

What I think is interesting that motion graphics can be artistic and appealing by adding art from into the video. As we can see at the example below, many elements in the graphics are well-desgined and very artistic. In this way, they provide information in a informal way rather than serious bar chart, which I think will be attractive for many viewers.

Also, those motion graphics can be realistic by adding video taps. As for this graphics, you can find different styles and elements that totally different from the previous one, those still showing a lot data in the graphic.

What fascinated me most is the diversity in the graphics world. Those graphics offer infinite possibilities for graphics that we will be able to use in the data visualization process. This website, called Fast Fact, I think it is inspiring with regard to both still graphics and motion graphics design.




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