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Motion Graphic from WSJ

An academic paper I found made a couple similar points about motion graphics. “The communication of an idea is maybe the most important component which motion graphics must fulfill” (Babic, Pibernik & Mrvac, 2008, p. 499). Also, a video or movie “is not motion graphics [sic] unless it is integrated with elements of design like … Continue reading

Learn about the government spending

You can learn a lot about how the federal stimulus money has been spent at Recovery.gov. The Recipient Projects database and interactive map lets you see where money was spent, the companies that received it, the types of projects they applied it to, and more. Along with an interactive map, the data is illustrated with … Continue reading

Do we see what they see?

“How Animals See the World” (left) is super-excellent-tastic (sp?). It shows how human and animal eyes see the world differently. For instance, a person sees enough White Castles for a whole family, but a dog sees two big mouthfuls to gulp down when no one’s looking. “How Animals” (as I call it) uses a variety of … Continue reading

Many Interests, Many Hats

Many Interests, Many Hats

Business presentation made mostly of charts

My instructor in another class shared a link to a business presentation called “The State of the Internet.” Before it was posted online, the presentation had been given at a “major media company,” according to the introduction. What interested me was that at least 75% of it consisted of charts — bar charts, line charts, … Continue reading

Moviebarcodes condense movies to their colors

A moviebarcode is an entire movie compressed into a horizontal bar of color. Each frame is condensed to a single sliver, and then the slivers are lined up, according to an explanation at FlowingData. I consider an MBC to be an infographic because it uses a graphic device to convey information. Specifically, it represents the color … Continue reading

Fun, creative website

Forgive me for posting off the subject, but while seeking inspiration for a visualization, I came across a really fun website (it’s hard to stop playing with) that I also find creatively inspiring. It’s  www.incredibox.com. (Make sure your volume is turned on and give it a minute or two to load.) – Aaron

Happy to be here

The contours of a Sting Ray, the colors of a great Wired magazine cover, something about the D.C. Metro map. Design fascinates me, though I often can’t say why.  I became interested in information graphics, in particular, a few years ago, when I came across sites such as visualthesaurus.com, socialexplorer.com, and flowingdata.com. In the future, I’d like to explore unusual data sets and … Continue reading