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Motion graphics

To me, motion graphics are more likely to be under the category of video. As we can see from the examples, those graphics are used to tell stores with the help graphics. Those motion graphics provide a fantastic way to show information that we can hardly show in reality. In the traditional way, we need … Continue reading

Inspiring graphics

We should have more fun with information graphics if the ideas are not constrained to bar charts and pie charts. From esthetic perspective, I think some art works that contains information graphic elements are inspiring. As for graphics with more design factors could be more attractive to readers. What I find especially interesting is some … Continue reading

Interactive Graphic example

During the election season, there are so many election graphics that you can find blue and red everywhere. Som of them are traditional bar chart or pie chart, but more often than not, they design interactive graphics to attract attentions. I find a graphic I like a lot called USA TODAY/Twitter Election Meter. I think … Continue reading

Graphic examples

When I exploring the the Internet, I found that most graphics are similar. Many of them are charts, even though some of them are creatively designed. Many of them are diagrams, showing how a certain invention works or a certain object’s development history. Many of them are created based on a set of data, or … Continue reading

My own footprint

Graphics are everywhere

Since we are working as graphics artist in the newsroom, I am more likely to find some exciting graphics on daily basis. I always try to find graphics in some national newspaper website to see how they handle data and design. I like New York Times’s graphic a lot, especially their interactive graphics, more often … Continue reading

Make graphics more accurate

It has been my third week working at the Columbia Missourian as a graphic artiest. It is fun and and I think I want to pursue graphic design as my career. Meanwhile, I find that, more often than not, I need more professional practice before I can become a real graphic artiest. It is always … Continue reading

Loving design

Designing fascinates me a lot. I wish I can become a magazine designer in the future, and that’s way I have a lot design related classes this semester. My emphasis area is multi platform design, and information graphics is one of my requirement. This is the third week of the class, and I find the … Continue reading