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Motion Graphics Examples

Motion Graphics, while not covered in depth in this class, they are related to what we are doing and you will probably see more of them as time progresses. In a loose sense they are different from interactives because, while they contain animation and motion, the user watches and observes the information instead of filtering, … Continue reading

David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization

Have you watched TEDTalks before? If not, you’re missing out. In fact there was a TEDx event on MU’s campus not too long ago. If you are a Netflix Instant user there is a grouping called ‘TEDTalks: Rebel Design’ and in the episodes is one of our recommended website’s author, David McCandless, from Information is … Continue reading

Patrick Garvin reviews some interactive graphics 11-06-12

Patrick reviewed a variety of interactive information graphics in today’s class. For example: How the Senate’s health-care tax may affect Massachusetts   Where we get towed from Here is a link to today’s lecture recorded using Adobe Connect: http://mojournalism.adobeconnect.com/p7tuh17kd96/

What makes a good centerpiece graphic?

Mike Jenner leads us on a discussion of centerpiece graphics and what makes them good. It needs layers of information “Carries the page” or “It has enough weight” Bigger than a normal graphic We should really ask the same questions we would if we were doing a centerpiece story Discussion: Below are some examples of … Continue reading

A variety of charticle style graphics

Discussing centerpiece graphics today it got me thinking about these charticle style graphics being produced a lot lately. Here are some that have caught my eye. I’ve been really interested in these charticles as content being produced by for profit businesses. Are companies realizing the value of different types of content such as info graphics … Continue reading

A crash course in data for information graphics

David Herzog spoke to our information graphics class on data collection. His bio page Missouri School of Journalism http://www.slideshare.net/davidherzog/a-crash-course-in-data2 Here are some notes and resources from his presentation: The data flow Locating the data Obtaining the data Evaluating the data Working with the data Visualizing the data Locating the data “Database state of mind” Data has … Continue reading

How happy is your Happy Meal?

I thought this post was interesting and worth reposting after we viewed the tower graphic in todays class. I also thought it was relevant as an example for your next blog post assignment. The post was originally authored by Rachel Stinebring. -Nathan One of the best sites for interesting information graphics is visual.ly. It has an … Continue reading

Eyewear Company Takes Fresh Approach to Annual Report

Warby Parker, a fairly new startup that sells eyewear produced a more graphic intensive annual report, what they are calling A Year in Review. Thinking about your required reading, WSJ Guide, what thoughts do you have about these graphics or the others located at the full site? Nathan Fleischmann

Soaring tuition costs, graphic from Money Magazine

Graphic from Money Magazine September 2011 Soaring Tuition costs, Money Magazine graphic 09-2011 This graphic was packaged into a story from Money Magazine’s September 2011 issue titled ‘Stop the Tuition Madness‘ by Kim Clark & Penelope Wang The required textbook for this course is The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics, by Dona M. Wong, … Continue reading

Week 2 – Meeting #3 – James Bennett

Here is a link to the third lecture using Adobe Connect http://mojournalism.adobeconnect.com/p92v31y2wpo/ A reminder that your first blog post (participation part of your grade) is due Sept. 4 You are required to do the following three things: 1. Become a contributor to the Information Graphics Fall 2012 Blog located at https://muinformationgraphicsfall2012.wordpress.com/ 2. Create a post. This … Continue reading