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Kris Nations, TAI & Aid Through Trade mix today!


Motions: Don’t just go through ’em

In April of this year, the Society of News Design posted an article that described motion graphics as “new weapons of visual journalism.” I would have to agree. At the beginning of the semester, we described infographics as filling the void when text and pictures can’t fully explain a concept or story. Sometimes a similar … Continue reading

God is in the Details : Inspiration

At this point in my design career, the execution and software knowledge have become second nature – but my own personal visual aesthetic remains elusive. I recognize that my own work is very utilitarian and basic when it comes to visuals. Anytime a visual artist is able to combine utility with artistic exploration, I am … Continue reading

(Mis)Representation of Information

This week’s prompt for blogging inspired some macro-level pondering about exactly what it is we are tasked to do through the creation of information graphics. I came to a simple answer… “provide visual information where text or photographs do not suffice.” However, through our readings and exploration of various static and interactive graphics, I have … Continue reading

Locator Maps Re-envisioned

Every once in a while, when I’m feeling creatively stifled, I throw “Helvetica” into my digital video disc player. While the focus of the movie falls on type foundries and the development of different typefaces – there is one part that stands out as my favorite: Massimo Vignelli’s explanation of his 1972 New York Transit … Continue reading

Communicating through Visuals

My career as a visual communicator has allowed me to dabble in many different forms/media of communication. I have always been interested in understanding what type of communication best suits the message that one wants to communicate. James’ lecture last week explored when text, photographs or infographics should be utilized to tell a story. The … Continue reading