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Motion graphic

Motion graphics are a kind of graphic that uses animation or video footage to illustrate an idea. Sound effect, voice-over narration or music is often a component. Other possible elements are pictures, 3D, typography and info graphics. When connected to journalism, motion graphics can be a powerful and engaging way of storytelling utilizing modern digital … Continue reading

Beautiful interactive graphic on Ramadan by Gulf News

Why do Muslims go fasting? Why do they end the fasting by eating dates? How should we behave if we visit them in the month of Ramadan as foreigners? Well, this interactive graphic tells you all — with beautiful illustrations of Muslims and mosques. At first I was merely attracted by the beautiful drawings. It … Continue reading

A graphic that needs more design

This interactive graphic was published by the Telegraph on Oct. 26 after the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, made its debut. I chose it simply because it’s a break from many recent interactive graphics on Hurricane Sandy. It’s simple and not very important, but it’s lighthearted. I like it because it refreshes my memory of … Continue reading

My definition of good and bad

When I first got to know Illustrator, I was eager to draw things. I hated bar charts because they’re not aesthetically pleasing. I spent hours and hours clumsily tracing a human body with the pen tool. That graphic literally took me nine hours. Then I was at Laura’s class, stunned at how simple symbols could … Continue reading

Stand far, see more

Everyday graphics

Non-news graphics are so immersed in our daily life that we seldom notice or pay serious attention to them. The first thing that came to my mind is the traffic signs. Stop signs. J-turn signs. Bike lane signs. No doubt this is an information graphic, and possibly the most seen in our daily life, except … Continue reading

What’s the purpose here?

Somehow the cockroach graphic James once showed us haunted me for nearly a month. People would marvel at the drawing at the first sight, but then comes the question, so what? Showing the numerous homes of cockroaches is both useless and disgusting. We can imagine how much time the artist spent on collecting info and … Continue reading

It’s about more than drawing – Ruisha Qian

I really like the polls in the third lecture. They make me think when a graphic is most necessary and how to deliver the information most effectively. The basic maps and charts are just the fundamentals of graphics reporting. As I marvel more and more often at eye-catching graphics, I start to realize what makes … Continue reading